So you’re thinking of listing your business on the ASX, or selling to a trade buyer?

Congratulations on building your business to this point. It’s taken a lot of hard work over many years. Now you want to IPO or exit as well as you can.

It’s an exciting time, but also a stressful one.

You’ll have many advisors pulling you in different directions and asking for a lot of your time over many months. In the meantime, you still have the business to run. Even if you have been through the process before, you’ll know it is a large and stressful undertaking.

We can help.

Through our 20 years of practical experience, we know what shape your company needs to be in for an IPO, investment or trade sale. We know the due diligence questions you’ll have to answer, what documents you’ll need to pull together and what the likely gaps will be.

How do we help?

We use a sophisticated online platform to compile the documents and check off the requirements as we go. In a low-stress way, we work with you side by side to close any gaps, allowing you to keep managing the business at the same time. So when you’re ready to engage other external advisors and formally start the IPO or sale process, you’re in much better shape. Your company is presented professionally, there’s much less due diligence work for them to do and your risk profile has reduced.

And, even if you don’t go ahead with the IPO or sale, you will have ongoing access to all the important information about your business in a ‘single source of the truth’.

So, if you’re a founder or manager looking to get your company IPO Ready, or an advisor working with growing companies, contact us to see how we can help.


IPO Ready is provided by Elevate Legal. Founded by Andrew Neilson, we build on his 20 years’ experience in top-tier law firms and as in-house counsel for global companies.



We provide commercial legal and governance services for growing companies, from startup through to IPO and beyond.



Based in Melbourne, we embrace technology to provide clear and pragmatic advice to clients wherever they are; virtually, efficiently and responsively.


“As one of Australia’s leading commercialisation firms, we need quality legal advice. We have listed 3 start-ups on the ASX in the last 3 years. In our most recent IPO, Elevate Legal assisted us to prepare all of our IPO compliance documentation and to become ASX ready. It was a phenomenal service, which I will definitely be using again. I highly recommend the Elevate Legal team.”

Stuart Douglas - Executive Director, Innovyz (& on behalf of Amaero International Ltd ASX:3DA)